What is Scalar Energy?

When my friend assured me that my life would change if I would just do a trial ofScalar Energy, I did not really understand what she was talking about. Did not really know what it was but I was always getting a flu, I had a cough for a year and my energy was non-existent.

“It’s going to be fabulous!” she said.

There was a free 14 day trial, so why not?  All I had to do was send in my picture to a lab where it would be placed on a scalar instrument.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but a couple of days later I woke up feeling different. Feeling clear and feeling like I could remove stands that spiraled negatively around my brain and see forward.

As it turned out that was the day I was placed on the scalar. I noticed immediately that I felt mentally alert and emotionally balanced. Just worry-less. What is not to love?

Then I fell over. I broke two ribs, got a black eye, and a head injury. I had nerve damage to my face that the doctor told me would take eight months or even up to a year to heal and yet six weeks later it is almost gone and there is no problem from the ribs.

I then heard other stories of people who went on the scalar and instantly their lives changed because they were attracting the positive not the negative because they were germ free and chakra balanced.

I could say my rapid healing was just a coincidence but, as I am not a person with a healthy immune system, I don’t think it was. Every day I would receive emails saying I had had a scalar pathogenic cleanse, a scalar energy chakra balancing and a scalar energy nutrient therapy. The nutrient therapy means that I am easily satiated, I don’t have carb cravings and I eat less therefore feel less sluggish.

Perhaps the most dramatic thing I noticed was my coffee intake. I couldn’t get up in the mornings without three coffees and now I can. I was drinking maybe six cups a day and now I drink one. Turns out that the same thing works with other addictions, including drugs and alcohol. When I talked with Tom Paladinoto find out about his work with scalar energy I learned of other incredible things.

Tom used to work in finance and now works in his lab twelve hours a day literally healing the world.

He told me, “I have studied scalar energy for 35-40 years.  It has now all crystallized in the past couple of years. I can guarantee that I can destroy germs and pathogens. How I do it is that I take photo of a germ and place it in my instrument and it will be decoded and disassembled. For instance, I could take a photo of a herpes virus and it can be destroyed. I can go on record to say I have the cure for herpes and for HIV. My scalar energy instrument acts like a Xerox machine, but I don’t make a photocopy. I make an energetic copy of a pathogen, it is as simple as that. If I have a germ I can destroy it. It is established that viruses start 25% of all cancers.  For instance, HPV leads to cervical cancer but I can eradicate it and prevent 95% of the cases of cervical cancer.”

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino

So while I am feeling really good about myself and I went on the scalar to feel better (a very first world desire) Paladino is actually healing the world. His work is important and people are only just finding out about it. At the peak of the Ebola crisis he got 10,000 people from Africa on the scalar and they never developed the disease and the epidemic curbed. It may sound a little woo-woo but he describes the process.

“A photo is a representation of you. I can treat you either with a photo or being present in my laboratory. With scalar energy there is no time, no space. If I have your photo it is as good as you being physically present. I instruct my instrument to do things, as scalar energy can control matter. I instruct my instrument to send energy into your body and break apart germs and balance your chakras.”

However this sounds–even if it does not make sense to you, try it. After my trial with the scalar energy was finished I was back to my confused thinking. Miserable spirals of pain and uncertainty. I was back to drinking six cups of coffee a day and reaching for chocolate.

People do change their eating habits. Mainly they tell me that your appetite is suppressed, because they are getting nutrients from the scalar antioxidants, amino acids, so your body might say, “No I don’t need that extra cup of coffee.”

Perhaps I also drink a lot of coffee as I have a slow thyroid and lack of energy. The scalar made me wake up in the morning and know what to do. I would see things in people and in situations in a new way. I called it Scalarvision. In coming off the scalar I learned just how powerful it is.

In the future Paladino hopes it can be used in treating addiction.

“Addiction has to do with our neurochemistry and there is an energetic code to it. So if you are placing scalar energy into your body the intelligence will override what might have been an imperfect thought,” Paladino says.

He also believes he has the cure for HIV and is hoping that gay agenda setting organizations will take him and his scalar on.

“I am not afraid to make that claim,” he says assuredly.

Paladino’s also got a large number of pets on the scalar, not because putting your cat on the scalar is the ultimate form of love but because it can really elongate their short lives.

I thank my friend for urging me to try this, I could not be more positive and passionate. It has made my life immensely happier and more balanced. But it is not just about lifestyle; its power can really change and save lives.

Register for your 15 day trial Scalar Energy Healing free – then from $175/ month.