Radara Eye Revolution

Radara arrived in a cute little box. Quite a large box actually. A 30 day supply of eye patches with micro needles all for the better penetration of the eye rejuvenating serum. You know when something’s revolutionary and so exciting. You almost can’t use it straight away. It’s almost too exciting.

Radara is hailed as the replacement to Botox. It gets rid of crow’s feet and eye bags and is the most exciting beauty innovation since the injection of the bovine. It’s designed by Welsh company Innoture using innovating technology and the Arsenal of 3D printing.

My little box came equipped with 30 days of eye patches marked clearly left and right. You remove them, stick them on applying a little pressure so your under eyes feel the tingling of mini needles and then you replace each patch back into its packet and dispense a single pump of the serum and put them back over clean skin and the crescent-shaped patch gets to work on all your eye insecurities.


You leave it on for five minutes. The micro needling punctures the skin which helps stimulate the body to produce skin plumping protein collagen. Because the Radara are made on a 3D printer the tiny spikes are finer than any micro needling techniques. They are made of flexible plastic rather than metal so they don’t actually hurt, yet they work.

You use them on a 30-day cycle for best results yet you notice the difference after the second use. Like I said I waited almost too scared – not of it hurting me, but of it not working. I waited until I was going to give Radara its biggest challenge. You know when you have those friends that no matter what health regime you’re on, you meet them and the cocktails flow followed by dessert, followed by more cocktails? Well maybe you don’t but I have one and no matter how I think I’ll resist, one of us or both of us ends up either passed out, fallen over or holding the other one’s hair. I could show you the pictures from our night out but it’s too embarrassing. Let’s just say tequila was involved and not much else actually.



So I woke up not so much to a banging hangover but banging guilt, post alcohol angst and a face that looked like a crumpled up black bin liner. By that I mean it looked very dark grey with darker still panda bags. I received a lecture from my other friend who said I’d aged 10 years overnight and what was I thinking and she took me for a pineapple, ginger and turmeric juice.

There are some friends you drink pressed juice with and others you drink cocktails. That’s just the way it is. That evening I busted out the Radara. Radara works well to combat the first signs of ageing or even the second but it also works to combat the effects of partying hard. I pressed those tiny needles in those giant eye bags and woke up the next morning – when I say I woke up I was still in an agitated state and couldn’t sleep and the Radara had done a great job on combatting the effects of alcohol and sleeplessness.

The next morning I woke up after my evening time Radara regime and a miracle is already in the happening. Under the eye and round the side where any crows might put their feet is totally smooth and radically de-puffed. I’ve never had Botox because I’m afraid of needles but Botox couldn’t do this kind of job as it only freezes muscles. Radara acts on the wrinkles themselves. It’s also a completely non-invasive procedure. There’s nothing like the pain of lasering or filler. It mimics the micro needling but not the pain and inflammatory response.

At some point, I’m sure Radara will come up with a mouth patch for lines around the mouth and maybe a whole body patch. I’m there. Radara patches and serum have been trialled and found to reduce wrinkles by 35% in four weeks with noticeable results after a fortnight but like everything else your skin is unique and everyone will have a different reaction. I found noticeable results after only two days but I don’t have extensive crow’s feet. It worked really well with anyone who has a propensity to carry eye bags. It’s actually doing something different to Botox so if you’re a Botox junkie you might want to use these in between Botox treatments to elongate the length of the treatment.

I say if you want to get through the party season looking like you’ve just come out of detox, go Radara.

You can buy Radara through cosmetic skin clinics who are lucky enough to stock it, details of which can be found at radara.com