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If there’s one skincare brand that I would rate above all others it would be hands down QMS. Their products are life transforming, literally. Their eye cream – they have two – Cellular Alpine which is good for puffiness and Advanced which is good for crows feet, have literally taken years away. Their facialist Aysia Asaim-Mustafa who works at their flagship counter in Liberty is probably the best facialist that’s ever touched my skin and believe me there’s been a lot of them. I’d go as far as to say the best in the UK. Her hands are magical, her knowledge of what product how much where and when exceptional. If you can get her for a facial in Liberty, she’s a must-have. It’s a kind of facial after which all your friends ask you if you’ve had work done.

QMS has always been a pioneer. Its founder Dr Eric Schulte is his own skin revolutionary. In the past, he worked as a surgeon in the fields of trauma and he used this as the basis as to how to evolve the effectiveness of skincare. He’s very serious about his life’s work.

QMS Epigen Daily Detox Serum

QMS Epigen Daily Detox Serum

His latest product, Epigen Daily Detox Serum is not just a product that defends the skin from the damaging effects of pollution. It’s radiance in a bottle. Anti-pollutants are this year’s must-have serum. It’s not like we’ve only just discovered that microscopic pollutant particles in the air can have a damaging effect on our skin. It’s all about Dr Schulte’s discovery on how to deal with that. These particles are damaging to both the surface of the skin and the deeper layers and with a weaker defensive barrier the skin can become dehydrated, irritated, oversensitive and this all equals premature ageing.

TheEpigen Daily Detox Serumrepairs and restores but because it has an innovative ingredient inspired by epigenetics – a reprogramming process that occurs in the cell wall. It has an incredible rejuvenating effect. You wish you could put this serum over your brain and body. It boosts the metabolism and increases cellular resistance to stress. In short, it’s a miracle. It’s working deep science into gorgeous skin.

You can use it as a serum but I use it along with their Skin Tone Light Serum, which targets pigmentation as a dynamic duo and I don’t need a moisturiser after that. I’m basically using the Epigen as skin treatment and moisturiser and pollution proofer all in one.

It costs £167. It lasts forever as you apply very little every day and it works in a truly astonishing way. This month I’ve had a severe eye infection which means I have been able to use very little on my face. Epigen has literally saved me. Powerful, gentle, soothing and restorative. It seems to restore not just the skin but the soul itself.

QMS Epigen Dialy Detox Serum £167