Mirrored Nails

There’s no doubt that these mirrored nails have the OMG factor. I was so excited by this manicure. Soigne are doing a limited edition Le Miroir which is the perfect chrome nail in the run-up to the party season. As far I’m concerned it’s party season every day with these. First of all, we applied the base coat called Soigne Oxygen Base which was a lovely smooth and shiny base for protection and durability and then two coats of the beautiful Mirror polish – no top coat. I think that would affect its glossy mirrorness.

These nails look great with silver jewellery but they’re such cocktail nails in a way they ARE the jewellery. Edgy, dramatic and unmissable. I was excited to take them out on the town. The box warned me that the unique aluminium pigment is susceptible to scratching and to take extra care.

Chrissy Iley

Chrissy Iley

I’m not very good at taking care of nails because I’m very impatient but as I had been warned and because they were so beautiful, I made sure they were very dry. I didn’t fumble into my purse and the heaviest thing I lifted was a cocktail.

So now the sad news. On Sunday morning I got up still buzzing from my mirrored nail polish and found that it wasn’t so mirrored and shiny. It was sort of grey but not chipped, just faded like the memories of my previous evening. I could live with grey but by the time I’d gone out for lunch the nails weren’t so much scratched but patchy. I thought maybe I should fill in the patches when I got home but by the time I got home, the nail polish had all but evaporated, but for a few grey splodges.

Le Miroir is not cheap at £23 for a tiny bottle so obviously, you may want to save it for special occasions and parties. Just know that what you’re getting is a one night stand. It’s sexy, it’s fun, it’s flashy, it’s attention-gaining, it’s standout, it makes you feel good and then it just goes away.

Available from www.soignenails.com