Glass Skin

I love it when cutting-edge science meets cutting-edge artistry and Exuviance Skin Rise is just that. I’m not sure why it’s called Skin Rise. Maybe it’s like a sunrise within your face but it’s a tonic that smells of cucumber and green tea which creates instant radiance. It’s stimulating so if you want to give yourself a mini facial with some light exfoliation followed by these mini pads, a super dewy radiance can be achieved. I say light because these are powerful pads. They’re tiny but tingly. You definitely feel something going on. My friend calls it champagne in the mouth tingling but on the face. I call it a necessary itch but if you’ve got sensitive skin, forget exfoliation. Clean skin will do.

Exuviance Skin Rise

Exuviance Skin Rise

Who knew that there’d be fashion in a skin look as well as an eye colour or a type of heel but there is: Glass Skin is the latest trend to come from Korea. It means the skin looks as clear as a spring dawn, translucent, luminous and without pores like a sheet of glass. It represents youthfulness that can be achieved at any age. A radiant skin is all about super hydration. You get dewy by stimulating cell renewing, strengthening the skin and super hydrating it.

Exuviance have always been about the hydration strength, honing as they do bionic acids and antioxidants to both create skin resilience and restoration.

Their tiny little pads, they swipe across the face effortlessly and you instantly get luminous. And they smell divine. They smell like a herb garden and a cucumber salad. Priced at £42.00 for 30 pads they are an absolute essential accessory.